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I'm a white male and I live in the US of A.

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I'm your everyday average white male in his late twenty's, although I do look younger from what I can guess is from genetics and living a stress free life. Well technically I did serve in the Marines. That was enough stress to last a lifetime. You never forget truly what you did or had to do. Well I wasn't born into old money nor was I fortunate enough to be born in new money. I come from a low-middle class family. I don't ever remember hearing my parents fight about what to spend their excess cash on. I remember growing up and not having the money to do lots of activities but I also remember actually going on a big trip with cousins and sibling and parents and uncles and aunts. I moved around a lot so I don't really have a home town.

That's all i can think of now. It's late and I'm tired.